Metal Fidget Spinners vs. Plastic Fidget Spinner

I touched upon this in a previous post, but it really has been on my mind lately. Most of the people I encounter on a daily basis, whether it be at work or just on the street, use plastic fidget spinners. However I just feel so strongly that fidget spinner are so much better. The spin times are so much longer (although I know that not everybody cares about that) and so the weight. Another big thing that is important for me is that the metal fidget spinners come in so many different shapes and sizes. For the most part the plastic ones come in the typical three sided shape that everybody knows. To be fair, they do come in many different colors and designs. I would really like to hear from someone who prefers the plastic fidget spinners to hear what they have to say about it. Perhaps I could be converted. I think in the next post I will talk a little more about the things I do like about plastic spinners because perhaps I can convince myself to start liking them. Anyway, the site has a lot of really cool fidget spinners both made of plastic and of metal for you to check out.