Do Fidget Spinners Really Help with ADD?

So let me say starting out that I do not believe that I have ADD. I personally believe that this is something that people claim to have when they really don’t. Be that as it may, I, like many people, have trouble concentrating on activities that I am not fond of. When I first got my fidget spinner I found that I enjoyed playing with it without even looking at it. It was just something that I liked to do with my fingers. Whether it helped me concentrate is a little hard to say. It definitely helped me feel not as restless when trying to listen to someone or even talk on the phone. To sum things up, I would say that it can help, but if you get into it too much it can definitely be a distraction. I wouldn’t do it if you really need to concentrate on something, but if you just need to avoid bouncing your leg or rocking in your chair I would highly recommend it. As I continue to play with my fidget spinners I’ll make sure to post updates on my findings. So far things are looking good, but things definitely could change.

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