Fidget Spinners – One of the Biggest Trends for the Moment

If you aren’t living under a rock you probably have heard of the newest trend for kids and some adults. They are known as fidget spinners. The first time I saw them I didn’t even know what to think. I didn’t think they were all that cool, but I kept an open mind. There was this one site I found that sold some fidget spinners and even picked one up. After it came in the mail I started to play with it and I was hooked. Most of the people that I spoke with at work had the basic plastic ones. Now I have nothing against the plastic ones, but I just feel like the metal ones are a little better. They are typically a little heavier which means they spin a longer than the plastic ones. Some people don’t care much for this, but I think it’s a positive. Another benefit of the metal ones is simply the different designs that they come in. For the most part the plastic ones comes in the same shapes. The designs on them may be different, but there aren’t too many differences in shapes. The metal ones comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes which makes it easy to pick ones that you like. Anyway, what is it that makes these so popular? To be honest, I’m not really sure. I think a lot of it is just to be part of the gang. People will often see others doing something and want to be a part of it themselves. Whatever the real reason is, these things sure are popular. That’s it for this post. As the fidget times starts to grow we will expand our articles to other topics. If you have any suggestions on what you would like us to write about, feel free to send it to us.

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